Deacon Bill Masapollo

JANUARY 28, 2919                               

Letter to the Hebrew 9:15, 24-28

The Gospel of Mark    3: 22-30


                                                 “NOTHING BUT YOURSELF, LORD”


Today, we the Church, remember St Thomas Aquinas, the great Dominican preacher.  Thomas seems to be a practical man. His work, among other things, was to reconcile Faith and Science. That was a situation that needed clear-thinking to remedy the self-imposed illogic in today’s Gospel. The Scribes were saying that Jesus was driving out demons while he was possessed by demons. Obviously contradictory thinking.


Thomas was said to have had a conversation with Christ in which Jesus says to Thomas, “You have spoken well of me, Thomas; what is your reward to be?”  Thomas responded “Nothing but yourself, Lord.”  Could there have been a more practical response?


All of us will face Jesus in our Particular( individual ) Judgement.  Will he offer you and me the compliment and reward he offered to Thomas? And your and my response to Christ will be, what?


By Deacon Bill Masapollo


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