Deacon Bill Masapollo





Love and confidence, two critical words in any relationship.  How often do you actively think about and rely on Jesus’ teaching of God’s love for us which is the fountainhead of confidence in God?  Think about today as we remember our Lady of Lourdes who appeared to Saint Bernadette eighteen times.  Would you say that is God reminding us of his love and confidence through Our Lady?  


Did you ever ask yourself why the Church gives us particular Scripture on a particular day?  Why does the first reading talk about the creation of the world and the Gospel tell us about multiple healings at this time of year? One reason might be that we are at the start of a new year and the Church ( the Lord ), knows there are many things on our minds. Isn’t “always” a good time to know we are loved and that we may trust and have confidence in ourselves and those upon whom we depend especially the Lord?


Perhaps you can imagine sitting by God as he gives life to all of creation.  If you literally look around, you see people, trees, the sky, snow and rain.  Look in the mirror and see yourself.  All that you imagined and now see have life.  Who else besides God can bring the very life we experience into existence?  Who else planted the knowledge and fruits in nature that God uses today to heal us or who miraculously heals us through the grace of instances such as Lourdes?


Do you think about God with love and confidence?

By Deacon Bill Masapollo


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