Become a 24 hour Knight

Today’s man faces many commitments !  From duty to his family to obligations to his work place, there seems to be constant calls on his time.

If your question is “I don’t really have much time to give to the Knights.

So why should I join ?”   Don’t feel alone, but read on for a possible answer ! 

This is the most common concern among many prospective members, that they don’t have the

time to be a part of the Knights of Columbus.  But if each man could give just 24 hours a year to the Knights of Columbus, he could make a positive difference in his community and Church.

So you see, even with this minimal commitment you could be an important part of our Council and reap the benefits of what our membership has to offer you and your family. 

Here is a breakdown of the time commitment needed for you to become a 24 Hour Knight ! 


·         12 hours a Year – reading your parish bulletin, the state & local newsletters, Columbia

      magazine and surfing the Council, State and Supreme Council’s web sites.


·        2 hours a Year – volunteering at your Council’s annual drive for people with intellectual



·        2 hours a Year – attending ( with your family ) 2 Council Corporate Communions or              

      Prayer Services in your Parish.


·        2 hours a Year – on a Council sponsored Church, Community, Council, Family or Youth

project ( of your own choosing.)


·        2 hours a Year – attending 2 Council meetings. ( each meeting last approx. one hour or



·        4 hours a Year – enjoying ( again with your family ) a Council Social function such as :

a picnic, a dinner dance, a baseball game etc. 

So you see, this time commitment of joining the Knights of Columbus is not as intimidating as you might think. And once you become a member, you will see just how rewarding being a member can be. 

F.Y.I. – There are 8,760 hours in a year.  By giving your Council just 24 of those hours

(less than 3 tenths of one percent ), you can be a better Father, a better Husband and a better Person.

Think of the difference the Knights of Columbus can make in our commitments if you and men like you will join us.


             Webmaster,                                 Wayne Lilly,  PGK                               St. Norbert Council 12107